Tips on Tattoo Cover-up

Attending a Spring wedding and needing to cover up that tattoo? Here are a couple of tips!


My lovely model, Brandi, has tattoos on both inner biceps, both inner forearms, right outer forearm, & the tops of both feet that we needed to cover up for a photo shoot. 

What you'll need:

1. Powder puff 2. Tattoo CoverUp 3. Powder that matches your skin tone 3. Hairspray or a sealant

Step One: 

For Brandi I mixed the lightest shade on my Mehron Tattoo Coverup Wheel (you can find this online) and the Tan shade on my palette to achieve a color a step lighter than her skin tone. I love the Mehron color wheel because of how thick and opaque it is, plus it's not very easily rubbed off. I find that the creamier the texture of the coverup- the less it covers. 

Step Two:

Dab your powder puff into the coverup and dab & PRESS the it onto the skin area that you would like to cover blending outwards. Brandi's tattoos were mostly black, so I did have to go over it a couple times to make sure there wasn't anything showing through. 

Step Three:

The next step is to color correct the area. As you'll see it will be a bit lighter than the actual skin tone. We'll do this with the powder we use to set the cover area. Dab your choice of powder over the coverup and blend outward. On Brandi, I used Loreal True Match pressed powder. 

Step Four: 

Spray the area with hairspray or a sealant to set and seal your coverup, allow to dry and Voilà!!